The Edge Chronicles by by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell 😊 More soon.

I was really sad to finish this book and would love the story to continue in a second book! 

Very funny, even though they’ve ruined pandas and ice-cream.

A magical story about friendship and forgiveness.


Wilful I just read SKELETON TREE by Kim Ventrella. My full review is here. Excerpt: This is a sad story because Stanly and his family have a horrible time, but it’s good too because it’s exciting, scary, and it shows how people look after each other. I won’t forget this story, and I’ll share it with […]

It’s sad, magic, friendly, funny and exciting. And Whisky does a squat wee.

Making pancakes with apple sauce.


A Girl Called Owl is a really good, magical adventure that makes me imagine winter and want a pet owl.