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We are now reading

The Edge Chronicles by by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell 😊 More soon.

ZIPPEL: THE LITTLE KEYHOLE GHOST by Alex Rühle (Author), Axel Scheffler (Illustrator), Rachel Ward (Translator)

I was really sad to finish this book and would love the story to continue in a second book! 

YOU SMELL! AND SO DOES EVERYTHING ELSE by Clive Gifford, illustrated by Pete Gamlen

Very funny, even though they’ve ruined pandas and ice-cream.

The Funny Life of Pets by James Campbell


WE ARE NOT FROGS by Michael Morpurgo (illust. Sam Usher)

I love this book. I like the frogs, because they jump, jumpety-jump!

Chaffinch rescue

We found a male chaffinch.

VLAD THE INHALER by Lorraine Mace

We read Vlad the Inhaler by Lorraine Mace.

Mouse babies!

Our mice have had babies.

Looms (and loom bands)

Wilful We broke the plastic loom for our loom bands. Instead of getting another one, we decided to make one in our shed. We went to B&Q and brought 2 sticks, then we found a piece of wood, some nails and a tool kit. This is how you make it: Measure how far you want […]

Ant Farm — the beginning

Handful We have an ant farm that was given to us for Christmas. It came in pieces and we had to build it, but it was quite easy. First we built the structure, then added the sand which we mixed with soil from our garden to make the ants feel more at home. We had to […]