FISH BOY by Chloe Daykin


I just read FISH BOY by Chloe Daykin. My full review will be here, soon.


I really like Fish Boy. It’s about Billy whose mum is sick. He makes friends with a shoal of fish and a boy called Patrick. It’s sad, magic, funny and exciting. I think my friends will like it too.

My favourite bits are how Billy and Patrick become such good friends, looking out for each other. (In the end Billy teaches Patrick to swim.) I like how the fish speak, how they are strong and friendly. And I like how Billy’s family stick together even though his mum’s sick and Billy is in a dangerous place. Also I laughed out loud at some of the little things in the background like when Lorraine’s dog Whisky does a squat wee.

The book will be published on 2 March 2017.

Thank you to LoveReading4Kids for letting us read it.

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