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Feadon Farm

 Handful Last Saturday we went to Feadon Farm. It was amazing, there were rescued foxes, voles and house mice, goats, chickens, a tropical snake, a shrew, a barn owl, hedgehogs, rabbits, ferrets and reindeer. There were also a set of deer skulls. We were also able to wear a glove and handle the owl, which […]

Sports weekend 2014

Handful We went to the Sporting Manor for the weekend. We did hours of sport every day and had a great time. Some of the sports were; tennis, swimming, table tennis, badminton, snooker, pool, rifle shooting, pistol shooting, archery, laser clay, ten pin bowling and crazy golf. The food was great, for breakfast and lunch […]

Salisbury Cathedral

[Mum note: post unfinished due to stinking cold, watch this space for more details…]  Handful We went to Salisbury Cathedral. It’s a huge church full of statues, pillars and graves of knights that died over 600 years ago. They were holding a service there.

Red Kites at Gigrin

Wilful We went to a farm in North Wales. We saw red kites, buzzards and crows. We also saw them eat, they eat meat. Kites nearly died out, there were a few in Wales but now there are more of them and some have been moved to England and Scotland. We once rescued a buzzard. […]

The Scillies

Handful The Scillies are a group of islands. They are west of Cornwall. We got there on my dad’s boat and anchored at Green Bay that is off the coast of Bryher. The moment we got there we went swimming and had a great time. We also went shrimping and caught loads of fish, shrimps, […]

Sports weekend 2013

Handful We went to the sporting manor for the weekend.

Buzzard Rescue

On the first of January we rescued a buzzard from the road; it had been run over. We took it to the vet’s.

Wookey Hole

Wilful Wookey Hole is a cave. I was excited when I went there. It was also a bit scary and cool. At one moment I was standing where there was a real skeleton! There is a river in the cave. There is a stone that looks like a witch, it’s called a stalagmite! There were […]