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Chaffinch rescue

We found a male chaffinch.

Mouse babies!

Our mice have had babies.

Ant Farm — five weeks on

     Wilful Nanna and Grandad brought us the ant farm kit and we did what the instructions said. After 5 weeks the ants have dug holes and bedrooms. It reminds me of MINECRAFT because they dig up sand and place it somewhere else.

Trail cam: fox face

There’s a fox in our garden.

Ant Farm — the beginning

Handful We have an ant farm that was given to us for Christmas. It came in pieces and we had to build it, but it was quite easy. First we built the structure, then added the sand which we mixed with soil from our garden to make the ants feel more at home. We had to […]

Thunderbolts and lightning

There was a storm over the bay last night.    

Water Voles

Stagg’s Brook runs through Whitchurch in Shropshire.  We went there looking for water voles and other creatures that live near water (for my homework). I chose water voles because they are an endangered species and are very beautiful swimmers. Stagg’s Brook is surprising in the sense that it is very narrow and very long. Most […]

Pond dipping

This week we went pond dipping. This is a water boatman.   (more to come)

Another rescued mouse

We have a new mouse! When we went to Feadon Farm rescue centre, they had a lonely rescue mouse that they gave to us to keep ours company. He’s called Bongo and he’s three years old so if he was human, he would be a hundred.   He sleeps with our mouse (who is a […]

Feadon Farm

 Handful Last Saturday we went to Feadon Farm. It was amazing, there were rescued foxes, voles and house mice, goats, chickens, a tropical snake, a shrew, a barn owl, hedgehogs, rabbits, ferrets and reindeer. There were also a set of deer skulls. We were also able to wear a glove and handle the owl, which […]